18 hours a week from £165 per month

Our Open Access pottery studio membership is suitable for amateur enthusiasts or semi-professionals alike looking for a shared space in a friendly relaxed environment. We not only provide you with a lovely studio to work in but also help you to reach your full potential with a more individual and tailored approach.
You must have done a beginners course either with us or elsewhere. If you haven’t but are keen to join please talk to us about our short intensive improver courses to help get you there.
We are now taking on new members.
COVID-19: We are doing everything in our power to make the studio safe for all our members. We have introduced a booking system which allows you to check how many people are in the studio at any one time and that there is available space. This also allow you to pick up extra hours over your allotted 18 if there are available slots. We have now removed our screens and no longer require masks to be worn in the studio.

How it works

Open from 9am-9.30pm Mondays-Fridays and 9am-5.30pm Saturdays-Sundays, Open Access pottery members get access to all our studio spaces to work in whether they do throwing, handbuilding or both. We provide all your equipment and tools, aprons, a large selection of glazes with no limits to use, the chance to mix your own glazes and no limits on firings.

We supply a range of tools and equipment and are happy to get in specialist tools you may need for your ongoing practice.

With 18 hours a week maximum, you’ll have plenty of time to fulfil all your projects.

Members have their own shelf and box to store clay. They also have access to shared shelving.

Full access to brush on and dipping glazes as well as oxides and slips.
We stock a number of different stoneware clays for purchase by 12.5kg bag. You may use your own clay but please note that you will need to test the clay thoroughly with the glazes and temperatures. We fire to 1000 degrees and 1240 degrees. Occasionally we go up to 1280 degrees. We also fire to lustre. If you want to fire at different temperatures you will have to hire the whole kiln at an additional charge.
There is face to face support and advice as well as by email and phone. You must be able to work independently and have done courses to beginners/improvers level.

There are also occasional trips to exhibitions and parties. We’re a friendly bunch!

Introducing our new 3 month supported membership

So you did a beginners/intermediate course and were hoping to take out membership when the whole world changed!

You’re rusty, you’re confidence has taken a hit but you still want to do pottery because you can remember how much you enjoyed it and wanted to learn more.

Or you’ve been doing course after course and want to take the next step to membership but apprehensive about going from a supported classroom to working completely independently. Let us help you through it.

What to do?

Well, we don’t think yet another beginners course is the way to go. We would like to help you feel confident again and hit the ground running with membership!

If you take out a 3 month supported membership for £250 per month we will offer you 15 hours tuition as part of your membership.

This breaks down to Month 1: 6 hours tuition; Month 2: 6 hours tuition; Month 3: 3 hours tuition

During the tutored/supported sessions If you are a thrower we will look at your technique and how to improve it; pulling handles (if needed); making plates; throwing large; throwing off the hump; mixing glazes and decorating techniques.

If you are a handbuilder we will help you to develop your preferred techniques plus show you how to combine techniques; new techniques such as nerikomi; slip work; sgraffito as well as mixing glazes and decorating techniques.

Want to mix things up, we can help you to achieve a balance improving both your handbuilding and throwing skills.

Get in touch to find out more about our supported membership.


£185 per month


£175 per month


£165 per month