Covid-19 & changes to the studio

We hope you are keeping safe during these troubled times

At ClayKilnCraft we have been working tirelessly to keep everyone who comes through our doors safe and secure. We have introduced individual workstations at our benches and around the wheels protected them with screens. These, along with PPE of disposable masks, aprons and gloves, add extra protection while you are in the studio. We also offer cotton aprons and tea towels for single use which are washed at a high temperature for those who don’t want to use the disposable ones.

Members are assigned their own set of tools that are their responsibility to keep clean. General tools for classes and courses are cleaned and disinfected after each use by our staff.

The screens and all surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant after each use as is the floor. We have professional cleaners who come in 3 times a week to do a deep clean.

We don’t want to take away from the fun of doing pottery but we take our responsibilities for your safety very seriously.

Thursday November 5th Lockdown:

Classes and Courses: Under Coronavirus Lockdown Restriction Regulations (no. 4) in England from November 5th 2020, as a centre for EDUCATION AND TRAINING, ClayKilnCraft is allowed to open for the continuation and starting of all our training courses. Our One-Off Intro Taster classes and all Collections are on hold until 2nd December 2020.

Members: The studio is also a centre for manufacturing of goods by our professional and semi-professional members who rent the space as their workplace as they are not able to do this from home. Other members are in training to get to this stage.

If you require additional information please email us on: